Maintaining your bamboo terrace furniture

Each and every piece of bamboo furniture has been created to be long-lasting and to provide many years of enjoyment.

+ Nano bamboo treatment

All of our handmade bamboo furniture is coated with + Nano (a bio-degradable natural product just like bamboo) to protect it against rain and moisture. 

Correct maintenance

Bamboo is natural material and must be maintained accordingly, and over time the colour will change to a slightly greyer patina. Each piece must be wiped regularly with a soft, dry cloth and cleaned using a few drops of organic soap diluted in 3 litres of water.

When to wash bamboo furniture

It is essential to wash your bamboo terrace furniture at least twice a year. Start by removing all dust either with a cloth or vacuum cleaner and then wash the furniture with a soapy cloth (using organic soap diluted with water) and wipe dry.  Never use a hosepipe on your bamboo furniture.

To extend the life of your bamboo patio furniture, we recommend treating your furniture with + Nano (Bamboo Shield) at least twice a year (available from North by North).

Treating mould, mildew and other issues

If your bamboo terrace furniture develops mould or mildew rinse the item thoroughly with soap, rhodium, chlorine or two to three teaspoons of ammonia spirits mixed with soap in 3 litres of water.

Wash the furniture either outside or in a well-ventilated space, using gloves and a sponge. For best results leave for 3 to 4 hours before washing off with water. It is important to make sure all soap residue is removed.

Please note, that if your bamboo terrace furniture is placed directly on a wet surface the legs can absorb water. As far as possible keep this to a minimum.

Winter storage

To ensure longevity of your bamboo furniture, store in a dry place with good ventilation like a garage or carport. If covered with plastic or a furniture cover, the furniture can be left out all year, but makes sure it is loose enough to allow the air to circulate.


We can provide specially adapted covers for most of our furniture.