Bamboo Tabel
Bamboo Tabel
Bamboo Table
Bamboo dining table:
Bamboo dining table
Bamboo coffee table
Bamboo Coffee table

Bamboo dining table:


(250L x 100W x 75H)

If you are looking to buy a bamboo table that will wow your family and friends with its size and understated style, look no further than this very special piece of handmade bamboo furniture.  A prime example of Danish design furniture spanning an impressive 2.5 metres (length and width) and boasts deep 4cm table top, making it perfect for creative table settings and socialising. This table requires special shipping.


When you buy this bamboo table it is provided partially assembled together with instructions. Each piece of furniture is made from 100% natural material and has been assembled in production. However, slight change may occur due to humidity which may make it necessary to drill some holes, but in 99% of cases this is not necessary.

Handy Tip:

To keep your beautiful bamboo patio furniture at its best for many years to come, we recommend using + Nano Bamboo Shield twice a year.